Too long eyelashes damage the health of your eyes

Allongeants mascara, false eyelashes, extensions … Gage femininity, long or very long eyelashes are favored by women. But having too long eyelashes can be very bad for the health of our eyes. Explanations.

We tend to forget, but at the core, our eyelashes are there to act as a shield. They keep a maximum of Small dirt fall directly into our eyes, causing not only a very unpleasant feeling, but can also cause irritations or even infections.

Only too long eyelashes may have exactly the same effect! Research recently published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface explains that the normal size for lashes one third of the width of the eye. If this size is exceeded (with false eyelashes, extensions or lengthening mascara), the "shield" created by the cilia no longer effective.

One might think that over the shield, the more effective it is. Actually, not at all. Each time we blink, too long eyelashes create a kind of air appeal that attracts all the dirt: dust, microbes …

Result: our eyes become dry, chafe and become the perfect ground for inconveniences such as conjunctivitis.

But then, I choose what to like mascara?

If you are already equipped with long lashes, make skip the lengthening mascara. Rather prefer formulas that boost the volume. According to the experts in charge of research, thicker eyelashes help to better protect the eyes from external aggressions. A good reason to offer a new mascara!

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