The secrets of hairdresser in Cannes

Like every year at Cannes, galas will succeed, hairstyles, extravagant as each other too. Did you know for example that the Festival’s official hairdressers use an average of 30,000 hairpins? That makes the pin to be removed before going to bed … Discover the secrets pictures hairdressers stars of the Croisette with this unique computer graphics made in Dessange!

Dessange London is the official hairdresser of the Cannes Film Festival for 30 years!

This year, the hairdressers of the brand realize hairstyles Cannes wildest and surprising.

A time very glamorous but much stress for everyone.

On the occasion of the opening of the festival, return on capillary explosive graphics! We learn among other things that:

– 100 lacquers are needed to fix any hairstyle festival

– Dessange London provides 300 meters of extensions of all colors

– Each hair must be done in just 30 minutes: action, reaction!

The banana bun: a classic without fault. Elegant without being ostentatious, it adapts to any outfit.

The wavy square: ideal for all those who do not want to bun. It frames the face sensually and softens lines. It enhances the building on a red colored lips according to her complexion.

The One Shoulder: he makes his comeback this year. Braided or wavy, it glamourise in a snap! Cara Delevingne is crazy, the stars of the Croisette succumb they?

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