The English are more hairy than the British!

depilatory creams, electric epilators, razors or wax: all means are good to overcome every little hair who would dare to appear. And this ranking, the most hairy women are not the British but English!

The British are often perceived as women "hairy" in the eyes of foreigners. A cliche unfortunately ingrained in attitudes but could yet be dethroned by newcomer: the English!

Study shows indeed that the British seek 4 times more depilatory products on the Internet that the British or the Germans.

Depilatories appear 2nd and 4th place in the ranking of the most used cosmetics by the English, as they appear only in fifth position in British.

10. Teeth whitening

The British, the Germans and the English have therefore not at all the same use of cosmetic products.

The British rely more on creams and other anti-aging while the English mainly rely on depilatories. This is also perhaps why the British seem much younger than the English …

The eye art, hypnotic new trend!

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