Russian hair extensions London

Why Russian hair make the best extensions for western hairstyles

Russian virgin hair is a popular source for wigs manufacturers and the largest fairs of hair extensions . Russian hair sellers collect wicks mainly in the remote countryside of Russia and Ukraine where a large population of women seeks additional income. These hair is fine, soft, shiny and many suppliers snapping up because these untreated hair are of the highest quality and will naturally be sold at the highest price. The vendors collect these strands of hair to create wicks according to their color, length and thickness, making sure that the hair is all in the same direction while maintaining the cuticle orientation (Remy).

The quality wig manufacturers order these locks by the thousands, as well as the best hair extension salon. The wig makers will dye them if necessary before sewing them into wigs. When you want the best quality wigs or hair extension, Russian hair is the most suitable to western and gives more freedom in terms of style. Although the black hair of Asian and Indian women is very beautiful, it will not reproduce the hairstyle styles sought by European women in the form of wigs or hair extensions.

Asian and Indian Hair

Are much more economical compared to European hair because there is a real well developed hair market in these areas and women know that they can sell their hair easily, so some wigmakers and manufacturer of industrially operating extensions will buy their Hair from these abundant and economical sources.

But the products from this hair unfortunately do not last as long and do not allow you to get more refined styles and all styles of European hairstyles in a natural way. Asian and Indian hair are often thicker and have a different texture, which lends itself less well to widespread styles among Western fashion creators. And to get the wide range of European hair colors, the manufacturer will have to depigment and bleach using chemical or osmosis processes in baths for weeks and then re-color the hair.

It is this phase of hair discolouration which most degrades their texture which loses at each step a little of its strength, its natural brilliance and its radiance. This is why wigs made of bleached hair are more brittle and fall much faster than wigs made of unbleached hair. Russia is now the largest provider natural European hair , and manufacturers that use it will have a greater range of colors that are available to them to produce extensions and the highest quality wigs without treatment, which also ensures a silky touch, natural shine and strength of natural hair extensions Hair Glam, the only Parisian salon to offer genuine Russian hair extension.

Whatever your need, the extension of Russian hair is the best one in terms of capillary add-on. You will forget or stop your hair and or begin your extensions.

The reputation of genuine Russian hair is no longer to be done. The strands of Russian hair have the same fallen, the same brilliance and the same texture as the western hair. Russian hair is the ultimate luxury, whether to add volume or length to your natural hair. Choosing extensions of Russian hair extends your hair naturally, to infinity and with locks that perfectly fit your hair.
Real Russian Hair gives you the choice between several methods of pose adapted to the desires and needs of each one. The tape hair extensions are the most popular in hairdressing salons. Discover our extensions in adhesive strips specially reinforced with a long hold. The extensions “tapes” of Russian hair are suitable for any type of hair and especially the hair less voluminous. Hot laying, with our Italian keratin tips is also very popular with hairdressers. The durability of the hot extension is also extended due to the quality of the nozzle. We also offer hair extensions with the best quality clips. Our clip extensions are the must-have accessory for a wedding bun or evening hairstyle. Finally our cold extensions are specially designed for women with weakened hair. These strands of Russian hair are attached to the root of your hair using small metal cylinders reinforced with silicone.

Russian Hair Extensions London is an international brand and has the ambition to offer the best quality hair extension Caucasian available. We harvest natural hair from our extensions in Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. This hair, virgin of all chemical treatments, comes from remote and agricultural areas, where the tradition is that young girls grow their hair up to marriage. The natural hair is Remy Hair, attached in long braids, root with roots, tips with tips. Only the most beautiful hair pieces are selected by our agents. The Russian hair bought comes from young donors, healthy and having no chemical treatment on their wicks. The feeding of these donors from rural areas is natural and free of pesticides. The cosmetic treatments used for their hair are also natural.