Micro ring hair extensions in London

Micro-ring and Nano-ring

For added security, our standing harmless technical set extensions with small fasteners called rings, connectors, ” micro-ring ” or “nano-ring.” The latter being the latest generation of tiny fixings practically invisible exclusively at the show in France.

The hypoallergenic and stainless steel micro and nano fixings come in several colors and allow to be perfectly confused with the color of your root.

The result is impressive: the hair extensions and the attachment points are tiny or completely flat and perfectly blend with your hair. The fixing points are also round or flat and regular to the touch, clean and without burrs for a natural rendering and a maximum hold.

The laying of micro-ring hair extension

Micro-ring hair extension

Having quickly beautiful long hair has become possible thanks to the wide range of extension techniques offered by hairdressing professionals. The innovative technique using connectors called micro-ring is aimed at women who are looking for a simple, fast and effective process that respects the scalp.

The extensions, beauty secret of the stars

Having long beautiful hair in a few hours, for a period of 3 to 6 months is now available to all women. There are various techniques of extending hair in the hairdressing market and many international or national stars use these methods to further enhance their image. Long, shiny hair gives them sensuality and gives them a more feminine look. All you have to do is choose the best technique, the one that will suit you best according to your priorities. Some techniques have more advantages than others.

The advantages of extending hair by connector or micro-ring

For its part, the technique of the micro-ring is presented as a fast method that respects the health of the hair. This technique makes it possible to place the wicks easily and to remove them just as easily, without risk of tearing the hair at the removal or of attacking the hair or the scalp with glue indeed indispensable with most other techniques: Such as hot techniques but also so-called cold techniques that use ultrasound to melt glue.

In addition to being available in several colors, the connectors are discreet and hypoallergenic, which is not the case with other expansion formulas using glue (hot extensions and cold ultrasonic extensions). Another peculiarity that this method presents: the small rings can be moved during the lifetime of the hair, which allows any adjustment when the hair becomes too long or if you want to change style.

Another privilege that the micro-ring technique provides compared to other techniques is that you do not risk to melt the glue during a smoothing too close to the fixing points.

The micro-ring can be more economical because it is even possible to make a second rests with the same hair if they have been well maintained and they are of very high quality such as Russian hair .

Description of the micro-ring extension technique

The laying of hair strands by micro-ring is a technique of fixing by rings. Hair Glam in Paris is one of the pioneers of the art in France, and counts many celebrities among its customers. These micro-rings are flattened with a special clamp and fixes the strands of extension hair to the root of the hair for optimal fixation. The inside of the rings is coated with protective resin to protect the hair and to allow a perfect fixation even with very fine hair.

The other advantage that this type of pose offers is that it is done completely cold. An ideal solution for those who want to have long hair with clean fasteners avoiding the points of bare and often drooling glues used in the techniques of hot or ultrasonic application which must melt the glue to the pose as to the deposit. Although on a case-by-case basis, it usually takes between 100 to 200 wicks depending on your hair to have a dream hair or more volume for a 2h30 session at your hairdresser.

An extension process that gives great freedom

The micro-bindings by rings are so discreet that they give you a great freedom in the choice of your hairstyle. With them, you can easily wear ponytails and chignons.

However, it is necessary to maintain the hair and give them great care because they have devitalized hair that they will need to nourish and brush regularly so that they keep their shards and hold as long as possible.

In our opinion, this is the best, softer and more flexible revolutionary extension technique we recommend in our living room.

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