Manicure: the manual false nails

The perfect manicure is the small spring madness. You want beautiful nails? Capsules, UV gel, resin, Cosmo book you tips and advice on false nails. And since we’re always greedier, Cosmo opens his address book "nail bars"!

What’s this ?

Extensions plastic nails, transparent or colored, which are glued with a glue fast setting or on the entire nail or on the edge.

It is imperative that the manicurist disinfects the nail before installation with an anti-fungal product: otherwise the broth station.

The ideal pace? Leave breathing three days nail after ten days under capsule: quenched fingertips in a solvent-based solution and capsules vanish.

The price ?

What’s this ?

A gel base, as transparent or colored varnish, which is applied by brush on natural nails and then fixed under a UV lamp.

It’s for me ?

To eliminate it, the manicurist will sand the gel, so the nails are always a little fragile … For safety, a fortnight left to stand between two poses, and the "recovered" with a calcium base and an oil cuticles.

The OPI has just launched a new color gel that attaches also under a UV lamp, but is eliminated in an acetone-based solution and essential oils, less harmful to the nails.

The price ?

What’s this ?

A semi-liquid paste pure acrylic-based and acetone. It is placed by tapping the brush on the natural nail or capsule, then allowed to harden in the open air.

It’s for me ?

Yes, if you fantasize about nails Americans: we get a very solid varnish with matte and opaque finish.

Warning !!

Everything but green, the acrylic-acetone formula is far from harmless to the body. The laying of resin is also highly recommended for pregnant women.

As a bonus, its formula dries the nail, making it brittle and crumbly. In any case, we must not have any small wound or skin torn: the hefty sanding the surface of the nail may irritate and injure … In short, we’re not fans at all.

The price ?


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