How to have beautiful hair at the beach this summer?

Sea bath salt, sun and sand are elements that weaken the hair during the summer. But this time it’s decided, I learn to protect my hair from the sun. Finishes dry and damaged hair, I do what it takes to repair and deeply hydrate my hair. Care products stars of tips, hair accessories: Cosmo tells you all about the right actions to take to style her hair in the summer. This year the star of the beach, it’s me!

In summer, crack on his napkin between two sea bathing, it protects the skin from UV and forget protections for hair! This year it was decided I change my bad habits and I take good notes of all the right moves to adopt.

The rules for taking care of her hair summer are the same as for taking care of her skin. Follow these three steps and voila: preparation, protection and care.

Prepare her hair in the sun

A few weeks before the start of his vacation, we took the lead with a few simple tricks to anticipate the damage of the sun on her hair.

Before leaving on vacation, make sure your hair is well hydrated. It’s like before coloring your hair will be attacked, not by ammonia from a colo but not sand, salt, chlorine and sun.

In the shower, his usual shampoo is replaced by a balancing shampoo. It is ideal for repair and moisturize her hair before departure.

It is also believed to cure tonics supplements to cleanse the scalp.

And of course, any good shampoo comes with a conditioner every wash and a hair mask once a week.

Protecting hair at the beach

To keep hair strong and shiny all summer, we have to tackle hair beauty ritual very picky during his day at the beach.

For this, use a protective oil for hair, care detangler spray or fluid to protect her hair from the sun. Remember to reapply after swimming, just like sunscreen for the body.

Another tip, if you go swimming, rinse your hair with clean water before. They will be protected from attacks by the pool or the sea.

For bleached hair, rinse your hair with a mixture of water and baking soda after swimming, it will avoid that they turn green.

At night, we do not forget to always rinse her hair with clear water to get rid of salt and sand.

Once every two days, we did a shampoo, a conditioner or mask repair for beautiful hair hydrated. Moisturizing hair mask is your ally to have beautiful hair during the summer.

The spray sugar my hair shiny asset for the summer!

Fine hair lacks shine, this product is for you! Exit the salt spray that dries mane and is bad for dry and fragile hair, discover the spray sugar, new ally for our summer …

Which products for beautiful hair in summer?

Between sun protection and hairstyle, choose? Certainly not ! protected and nourishes hair while perfectly coiffed, it is possible. The proof.

20 tips for taking care of her hair on vacation

In summer, between the sun, the sea and the pool: our hair is not much respite. So to take care of your hair, tan easily and do not get too hot on the beach, they give you 20 tips to put into practice during the summer vacation. Here we go, we take notes.

Hair: A good sunscreen

If this summer, you have decided to lay in the sun, no way to skip sunscreen for hair. As we know, the sun, salt water and wind assaulting our hair. It must therefore be protected. Cosmo offers his tips and an update on sunscreens for hair that really work!

How not to have damaged hair in summer?

How to protect your summer coloring? Is there a risk to sunbathe with extensions? How to avoid the straw effect after the holidays? Each hair problem its solution. Here are our tips to avoid having damaged hair during the summer.

How to protect your hair from the sun?

If you protect your skin from sun damage, you tend to forget that your hair, too, suffer from the adverse effects of the summer. Sun, salt, sand … while you Uplifting bubbles, your mane drool. Spray sun protective, repairing shampoo after sun or nourishing hair mask, it has selected the best hair solar products to spend the summer protected from head to toe!

What type of solar protection for my hair?

In summer, more hair blondissent and clarify more the morale is high! But if the effect of the sun is the most charming, do not neglect the aggressions suffered by the hair fibers. Protection and service are the watchwords for sun, sea and wind does not take you directly to the hairdresser after the holidays!

Heal before rinsing: the technique for beautiful hair

For beautiful hair soft and silky, it must take care and avoid assaulting unnecessarily. Do not play in the shower at the time of shampoo. Some dry treatments are applied to hair and then rinse in the shower. Ready to opt for the "pre-poo"?

How to anticipate sun damage on my hair?

Before leaving on vacation, it is better to prevent sun damage, not to end up with hair tired in September. Indeed, one month to the sun causes as much damage as six months of daily shampoo-dryer. The solution ? 3 These reflexes.

What are the benefits of aloe vera on my hair?

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me for the summer, I have lots of little rituals to be safe that they do not suffer too. In addition I have curly hair, so I have to add a layer to make them fit. I share my tips and tricks for in Article 7 items to take care of her hair Summer

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