Have short hair: 15 issues facing girls with short hair

If you too have succumbed to the temptation of the short cut, here are 15 situations where you will necessarily recognize you.

Regrowth: main problem with short hair

1 / When we want our hair is longer now … right now!

The concern with short hair, is that once they are cut, the next day you feel like they are long.

Especially when you suddenly want to make a ponytail.

2 / When you come out of the hairdresser with a pixie cut so we asked for a short Pixie.

3 / When we cut the hair, people tend to believe that one is a tomboy or lesbian then.

4 / When we have a short cut, it is imperative not cover the neck with a scarf but with 2 since the neck is directly exposed to the cold!

Before, when we still had long hair, you could simply wrap around the neck … But that was before.

Her hair when you have short hair

5 / Hair options are limited.

6 / You have to use styling products every day.

7 / There is the problem of regrowth.

He always has a moment of hesitation between the period or was a pixie cut and when we reached the famous bowl cut.

8 / Some believe that dares if the short cut, it is because we are in depression.

10 / If our hairdresser is our new best friend, is that we will now see almost as often as you take a shower Story spinning him € 80 and maintain this cut … the hair!

11 / People tell us they liked better our hair when they were long …

12 / People ask us if we will let our hair grow now that they are short.

It makes you want to ask these same people if they planned to change eye color and even personality!

13 / When one wears a hat and that our hair disappear below, as if we did not at all!

Result people think that one is as crazy as Britney Spears because he shaved his head.

14 / The first shower after cutting short hair is fatal. One has the impression that we stole a part of us.

But remember that it was a voluntary act. Nobody forced us to cut our hair. Except that when one runs his hands down the neck and you realize that there is nothing more, fear takes hold of us.

15 / When our short cut is missed, people know him. People see it. Unable to hide except maybe under a hat.

However, the bright side is that unlike our friends who have long hair, we, our showers we take 5 min top chrono.

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All Before cutting the hair

on 01/21/2016 at 16:00

There is one year, I had long hair … a year later and breast cancer later, I went through all stages. long hair, then cut and shaved … what little I had left on the skull fell along with my eyelashes and my eyebrows. So I wore a wig and pretty bohemian scarves on my smooth skull. Now my hair grow back slowly. I have a little style "Cristina My chewi". ! I’m alive … and that’s the coolest !!!

on 12/20/2015 at 12:32

The success to seduce someone is much greater with long hair when they are short. I’m doing fees. We watch and we admire more.

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