All about the eyelash dye

Sick of mascara? And if you opt for eyelash dyeing? User manual, address, cost … Cosmo reported on the technique of permanent eye makeup, so you can say goodbye to your mascara!

Dyeing eyelashes, what is it?

The goal ? do without mascara. Easy, durable and stunning natural, we love it!

Specifically, the easiest way is to have to rely on a professional: make an appointment at a specialized institute (Institute of eyebrow, for example). Eyelash dyeing takes about twenty minutes, maximum.

We tested the eyelash dyeing, after the permanent eyelashes: the result takes about 4 weeks.

During these four weeks, we do not touch his eyelashes mascara zero, zero makeup remover … and happiness to get up every morning with a doe eyes!

For those who want to save time in the morning. Those who go on vacation is want to be perfect in all circumstances. Those who finally have clear lashes and want to electrify their eyes (yes, downright).

Dyeing eyelashes, how much does it cost?

It takes 25 euros. Note that most institutes offer discounted rates for a double permanent provision + eyelash tinting.

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on 03/10/2012 at 08:43

I use Dr. Temt SelfColor dye, which is special for eyelashes and eyebrows. It costs € 15.90 and can usually find it on the Internet. It’s easy, quick, no need to go to school and obtained a doe eyes every hour for about 6 weeks!

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