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The hair extensions specialist, offers you on the internet and in the shop, the biggest choice of extension, hairdressing accessories and hair care for individuals and professionals in London. You will find a wide range of 100% natural extensions of superior quality, remy hair. Choose from clip extensions, extensions for hot laying with keratin, extensions for cold laying with silicone rings or loops, tap tape extensions or weaving.

Choose your type of hair, Indian, Brazilian or Russian, you can realize the most original hairstyles, for parties, weddings, or simply for everyday life. Whether you’re wearing synthetic, cheap, or 100% natural, high-end extensions, you’ll change your look at will. Our Salon also offers many hairdressing accessories, wigs, tie and dye hair chalks, clips, ponytail, braided headband, hair jewelry. as well as its own range of treatments specially designed and studied for care and maintenance of hair additions.

Hair extensions: the practical guide for choosing them

Wicks, clips, weaves. What extensions to choose for a silky hair? What to know before choosing its capillary extensions for a dream hair.

Beyonce, Blake Lively Jennifer Lopez, or Jessica Alba, all have in common to wear or have worn hair extensions . Long hair, shiny and provided that inevitably want to try the adventure. However, before launching, several factors must be taken into account. Poses hot or cold , wicks or clips , price and term extensions … Our guide to find the additions that suit you.

Three types of extensions

  • The locks : discreet, it is the most common and most practical because they allow all types of hairstyles.
  • The clips they are as bands of hair that has just been put on less exposed areas (under the most showy bits). Unfortunately, this type of extensions is more light, which prevents from doing certain hairstyles such as braids , plated or pulled hair.
  • Weaving but are rather curly or frizzy hair.

Wicks of natural, synthetic or animal hair

The type of the more sedate extension is the natural human hair wick wick (synthetic is spoiling much and use of fur of some animals such as the goat being more marginal). The offering by certain cults or sold against money in disadvantaged regions (China, Eastern Europe), they are usually treated.

These hair today represent a great economic boon for those countries, reflecting in fact a sad reality : that of a large number of women living in poverty who, to survive, rely on this trade. Given the legislative vacuum on the subject, difficult for consumers to navigate. Today, the only way to get information about where the extensions come from is to ask your hairdresser or contact the brands – often little talkative – that sells them.

With each extension its own method of installation

  • For hot strands: they arise strand by strand to the desired locations. Is fixed their point of keratin by means of a heating clamp on existing hair.
  • For cold strands: they arise also one by one with a ring system (nut) that is tightened with a clamp.
  • For clips: they clipped the hair with plastic clips.
  • For weaving: curly or frizzy hair is braided first very tightly, then just sew weaving on human natural hair.

How to take care of hair extensions

In order not to damage his hair and for extensions to last longer, it is necessary to modify certain gestures of everyday life. Hair styling should be done with a soft bristle brush. The shampoo is head back so as not to pull the extensions. Similarly, too rich care such as masks, conditioners or oils are to be avoided in order not to favor their gliding. If needed, there is specific hair care that professionals recommend in the salon. The brushings are also to be proscribed, only the straightener is recommended for a net styling.

How long do hair extensions last

This varies from 2 to 5 months depending on the type of installation. For a long-lasting result of about 4-5 months bet on the extensions in hot, cold or adopt a weaving. For clips, however, count only two months of holding.

Removing hair extensions

There are many hairdressers in London who do not know how to remove extensions or do not have the proper equipment to do so, it is strongly recommended to go back to the professional who placed them. Removing them yourself is also risky: the hair could be torn off and the scalp damaged.

How much do hair extensions cost in London?

Here too it varies according to the quantity and quality of the extension. The fork usually oscillates around 5 to 10 gbp per wick.

Our London Hair Extensions salon offers:

  • Clip in hair extensions
  • Micro ring hair extensions
  • Russian hair extensions
  • Mobile hair extensions in London
  • Tape hair extensions london
  • Great lengths hair extensions
  • Hair extension courses in North, West and East London
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